About us

Aluminum, used in almost all of the RISA product range, is a silver-white metal element. It is in the form of componds and constitutes 15% of the earth’s crust. It conducts heat and electricity well. It is three times lighter than iron. Air and boiling water have no effect on it other than creating a thin oxide layer.

Aluminum is used as pure or alloys in aircraft, automotive and ship industries, as joinery in constructions, in kitchenware and cable production. Plastic complexes of aluminum is used in the production of and soft tubes in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also used for decorative and artistic purposes.

RISA produces radiator panels, which are indispensable for living spaces, from aluminum by considering the many advantages it provides and proudly presents it to its users with many innovations that are first in Turkey.

Combining its respected experience in the sector with high technology, trend-setting product range and innovative solutions, RISA has been operating as one of the most important brands in the radiator industry since 2003.

In the world that changes day by day and needs solutions that protect nature, while energy efficiency and energy saving becomes important this significant requirement attracts attention of not only the manufacturers but also the consumers. With its R&D studies guided by this approach, RİSA has achieved many firsts in Turkey in the field of aluminum radiators.

The heating systems sector is developing with new technologies. Radiator is now preferred not only as a heating equipment but also as an important decoration detail for spaces. By serving customer expectations with a total quality approach with installation, operation and after-sales support in all models, RİSA has adopted the principle of providing the most accurate, qualified and practical solution.

Radiators produced with close fit method without welding, gasket and screw are extremely safe and long-lasting thanks to production techniques specific to RISA. RİSA stands on with the mission of being indispensable for happy and warm living spaces through producing radiators in colors and sizes suitable for every style and architecture and providing different, efficient and comfortable use in its designs with its investments in technology

The RİSA’s signature, which is now included in many prestigious projects, is indispensable for happy living spaces, with its experience of nearly a quarter century, and the confidence it provides all over the country.