About us

Risa Corporate Started its aluminum radiator production in 2003 under RİSA brand, RİSA Alüminyum Panel Radyatör İmalat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. is amongst the industry's leading companies thanks to it manufacturing facility equipped with high technology and wide product range reflecting the global trends.

In the developing world, environment friendliness has become a necessity for the new production areas and energy efficiency and energy saving have become the most important factors for investors. Adopted both the energy efficiency and also the environment friendly production mentality, SAMAŞ has developed and product range that meets all of these needs.

SAMAŞ makes use of the innovations introduced by new technologies to the heating systems industry and makes them available to users and, in turn, the company offers its customers the most appropriate, economical, and practical solutions for the expectations of its customers at every stage of information support, assembly, operation, and sales for all of its models that are offered for sale with a top-notch service understanding based on reliability.

Continuing to develop new and aesthetic models in line with the contemporary lines of the modern world on the eve of 2020's, SAMAŞ keeps offering a radiator production service in such color and sizes that are appropriate for every taste and design in addition to distinctiveness, efficiency, and comfortable use thanks to its investments in technology.

A raw material conforming to the global standards as certified by Aualanod – Zürich is used in SAMAŞ Radiators.

Weldless, gasket-free, and screwless radiators are extremely safe thanks to the special joining technique of RISA. Aluminum has a high heat conductivity. The heat is obtained by 70% through convection, while being obtained through radiation by 30% and this makes our products more efficient. Aluminum radiators radiate heat homogeneously at a fast rate with lower water volume and higher circulation and there features, in turn, ensure energy saving. Water channels are inside. These radiators are durable against impact. They have a high corrosion resistance, their heat efficiency does not diminish over time, and they do not rust. They are durable against hydrostatic pressure and do not make noise due to temperature strain. They are lightweight for ease of handling and assembly. They maintain their aesthetic outlook for many years thanks to electrostatic powdered paint. They are dirt-repellent thanks to their smooth surface. The dirt that may accumulate over time between sections and on circulation channels can be easily cleaned thanks to the thin panel structure.

RİSA radiators have TSE EN 442-1, TSE EN 442-2, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007, and CE certificates and a 5-year warranty certificate approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. SAMAŞ makes it possible to create aesthetic, functional, healthy, and perfect spaces with its RİSA branded products that continuously develop and offer people oriented solutions and offers indispensable items of happy living spaces. "RİSA IS A BRAND OF VARLI GROUP OF COMPANIES"