Quality Policy

Our company is a facility that produces aluminum radiators; in order to produce in accordance with world standards;

  • Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction,
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by reducing costs through continuous improvement activities in every field,
  • Continuous improvement approach to achieve production targets and increase productivity in all units,
  • By acting in accordance with the Company's principles and corporate identity, documenting and continuously improving our Quality Management System to serve the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard,
  • Working with personnel who are conscious of the business, who are honest, who renew themselves, who share their knowledge, who are aware of the earnings that they will provide to employees, company, customers and suppliers,
  • Emphasis on training and cooperation for all employees to become individuals who can use their talents at the highest level,
  • Closely following and applying the technological developments of the sectors,
  • Being a reliable and always preferred company that matches the expectations of the customers by meeting the demands of the age,
  • Producing within the service concept that always applies the legal requirements and standards in the products we have produced,
  • Being an international exemplary organization, respectful of the society we are in,

have been determined as our Quality Policy.