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Warranty conditions

Risa Warranty Conditions


1.Warranty Period starts from the invoice date of the product and is 5 years. 

2. If the product malfunctions within the warranty period, the time spent in repair is added to the warranty period. The delivery time of the product is maximum 30 business days. This period starts from the date of delivery of the product to the service station, or in the absence of a service station, to one of the seller, dealer agent, representative, importer or manufacturer of the product. 

3. All parts of the product are covered by our company's warranty. 

4. If the product malfunctions during the warranty period due to material or manufacturing defects, it will be repaired without any labor costs, replacement part cost or any other fee.

5.Article 4 does not apply to malfunctions caused by the consumer using the product contrary to the information contained in the product introduction and user manual. 

6.This entire warranty is valid if there are no issues that exclude the product from the warranty. 

7.For any problems that may arise regarding the Warranty Certificate, you can apply to the General Directorate of Consumer and Competition Protection of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 

For detailed information, you can review the warranty certificate:

Risa Warranty Certificate

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