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  • RİSA Radiator works on the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. It uses energy-saving and nature-friendly production techniques. It constantly improves itself with innovative technologies and efficient model studies. It is efficient and provides many calories with little water. It is resistant to corrosion and has a long life. It has approximately 3 times more thermal conductivity than iron and steel. It is produced from a special alloy material containing 98.96 percent pure aluminum. It is water-tight and safe thanks to its special joining technique without welding, gaskets or chemicals. It is suitable for all types of connection systems. It is lightweight, takes up little space and does not retain dirt. We have after-sales support services and our products are covered by a 5-year warranty. It is aesthetic and useful.

  • Risa aluminum radiator is suitable for all types of connection types. For this, on our websiteconnection types You can review our guide.

  • Risa Aluminum Radiators and Towel Pans can also be produced in intermediate sizes.

  • In Risa aluminum radiators and towel panels, the test pressure is 20 bar and the operating pressure is 10 bar.

  • The hot water inlet on Risa aluminum radiators is the hot water inlet from the pipe coming out from the edge when we look at the radiator from the front. In sheet metal radiators, this inlet is in the opposite direction. Hot water inlet directions must be specified when ordering.

  • Directional plugs are used on opposite end connections. The direction plug is installed in the slots specified according to the inlet of hot water and the length of the radiator, by passing an iron rod to the lower collector.

  • RİSA Aluminum Radiator and towel panels are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 5 years.

  • This varies depending on our models. Model Highest Longest Linda 2 mt 3 mt Karya/80 2 mt 3 mt Karya/40 1 mt 3 mt Riva 1.8 mt 3 mt Güneş 1 mt The situation for towel rails is as follows: Model Highest Widest Sapphire 1.8 mt 0 .6 mt Yakut 1.8 mt 0.6 mt We make our Mirror Model from our special productions with a height of 1.8 m and a width of 80 cm. We make our angular model with a height of 1 meter and corner lengths of 1+2 meters.

  • You can order radiators in any color you want using the RAL color chart. RAL 9016 (white), 9010 (off-white) and 1013 (cream) are our standard colors.

  • In RISA aluminum radiators and towel rails, the test pressure is 15 bar and the operating pressure is 10 bar. In addition, our radiators are resistant to 40 bars of hydrostatic test pressure in TSE EN 13445-5 standard.

  • Yes, the connection type must be specified.

  • Aluminum radiators are more resistant to corrosion and a better material in terms of conducting heat than sheet metal radiators. Therefore, it has a longer life and better heating ability. Since the amount of water in aluminum radiators is less than sheet metal radiators, it also provides fuel savings. In terms of hygiene, an aluminum radiator is healthier.

  • The aluminum used in Risa Radiator is tested at regular intervals. According to these results, aluminum purity is around 98.8%.

  • We recommend that plumbing and radiators be cleaned by experts every 2-3 years. In plumbing cleaning  We do not recommend using chemicals that are not approved by Risa.

  • We definitely do not recommend it. The use of such liquids in Risa radiators and connected installations will void the warranty of your radiator.

  • We provide free survey and calculation services for Ankara. If you wish, our on-site expert teams can help you by taking your measurements. Or, if you know the dimensions and characteristics of the space you will heat, you can send it to us and have the necessary calorie/radiator calculation done.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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